A little about me, and what this page will be about from now on.

My name is Andreas and I have more than 16 years of experience being a professional developer for Windows, Mobile platforms and the Web using more technologies than I really care to count at this time. 

During my spare time I have always spent time on my own projects, learning new things as they come. Though until recently my monetizing efforts for my hobby-projects has been running half speed. 

Being a dad certainly gives a lot of motivation for trying to bring more money to spend on the kids. And to be honest our financial situation has not always been the best as I have been the only provider in this family.

Some months ago though, I decided to try to make some more money from my personal projects. I will share all progress on this page, and on the way I can hopefully provide you with some hints and tips on what to do, and what not to do.

So, is it really possible to start from zero? Without any initial resources to talk about? In the posts that will follow I will share my experiences.

Enjoy your stay.

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Despite popular belief, creating mobile apps and games is NOT the quick way to the millions!


A little about me, and what this page will be about from now on.

 User friendly apps, Dialogs part 1

In this first article about how to design user friendly apps we will discuss the use of Dialogs.

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 Know your limits: Web Design

You might have the best app ever created, or you might have the user friendliest web page in the world. You might even have the most useful piece of shareware ever made and still not making any money.

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Have you integrated a facebook login to your site, or are you planning to? There\'s a small bug involving the sign in process that can make your life miserable unless you know how to get around it. Here\'s one possible solution.

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This Immerse headset from ThumbsUp offers both positive and negative sides.

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According to an email DroidXplorer will be preinstalled on devices, and be featured on a set of app stores. For free.

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