Droid Streamer Pro

Droid Streamer Pro is an application for streaming video files directly your Android powered device.

Droid Streamer Pro

We realize the huge success of Droid Streamer is mainly due to it's content, which we have no involvment in, but it's hard not being a bit proud for creating an app with more than 100.000 users. We wrote the original code and after completing the first Beta tests together with Droid Streamer, we gave all code to them, and we are no longer part of it's development.


The app was featured in Adam Curry's Big App Show app and several large blogs wrote about it. Here's a link to a Video Review by What's Good Blog
The app was created between late 2010 and early 2011. If you're interested in the app search Android Market for Droid Streamer Pro.


A little about me, and what this page will be about from now on.

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