Adding a facebook like-button for Geeklog

If you have more than one web site and need to attract visitors between your sites this is a good way to do it. If you want an example of what it does, check the button in the lower left corner of your browser. Basically it's a button that will popup a list of sites, in this case it points to different projects and sites related to EnkelAdress.

Minimum coding

All you need to do is download a zip file, extract, make some minor modifications and upload to one of your servers. All code is pure javascript and html.

Download and edit


  • Download zip archive here.
  • Extract content to a folder of your choosing.
  • Edit, use or replace the three images found in the archive.
  • Open ea_ring.js in a text editor of your own choice
  • The script file has two sections marked with
    /*  Modify xxxx ->
    These sections indicates values that you can replace with your own.
    • set this variable to where the button images will be placed
    • Indicates the filename without path of the file that will represent the button in normal/unpressed state
    • Tells the filename of the image that will be shown when you hover the button with your mouse.
    • This tells the filename of the "close menu" icon.
    addSite('xxxx', 'xxxx'); 
    • Remove the existing addSite calls and add your own in the following manner,
      addSite(URL, TITLE)
  • Upload the files, and remember to upload the images so their path match the imagePathUrl and imageXXXFilename variables


Edit your sites

In the web page that you want to display the button on, navigate the source to somewhere between the body tags. Add this code:

where URL represent the full url to where ea_ring.js is uploaded.


And there you have it.


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