DroidXplorer big in China?

According to an email DroidXplorer will be preinstalled on devices, and be featured on a set of app stores. For free.

I recently had an email drop down in my email account that I use for my Android projects. According to the sender I was offered to have my app preinstalled on devices in China, and have the app marketed. Free of charge.

Normally, I tend to think that "free offers" by email smells a bit fishy, but after browsing their sites and investigating some I decided to give it a go.

I replied with the required info and sent them the app, and now it's just to wait a while I guess. Let's see if this will generate any revenue from my display ads, or increase the rate of in-app purchases made from the app. It will sure be interesting to see, but I don't really count on anything yet.

Wht was quite different from other Asian app stores was that these guys didn't care if the app had links to the Google Play store (either through IAP or Ad Networks such as admob), which is often the case with Asian app stores.

I'll keep you updated.

Below is the email, with the company name and site names blanked out.

Dear Developer,


The application software of android system you developed is an excellent application after evaluation by XXXX! Therefore, XXXX will collect your application and the relevant applications in XXXX’s application online store (http://www.XXXX.com/) and sub online store or relevant store. The ways of promotion will include but not limited in pre-install on Smart Display device, put on XXXX’s application store recommendation page, and XXXX will promote your application without any charge which would increase the exposure and utilization rate of your application. XXXX online store can support credit card and other payment system, so that you can choose “free of charge” or “charge” method to provide the customers with your application. Now, you can send the file of your application to XXXX’semail address or upload your application to developers’ platform (http://dev.XXXX.com/), and XXXX will centrally manage them.


A.       You grant to license XXXX to utilize, upload, and provide your application for its customers’ utilization under the conditions below:

             1.            Term of license: the term of license shall be 2 years starting from [2014.03.19] and ending on [2016.03.18] unless otherwiseprovided that eitheryou or XXXX are entitled to terminate this consent letter in advance. The term of License would be automatically renewed for 1 year unless either Party informs its intent of non-renewal in writing to the other Party 90 days prior to the expiration.

             2.            License area: the license area shall be throughout the world.

B.       XXXX will not engage in the activities below without obtaining your prior approval:

             1.            Asking the customers to pay for the applications which the developers of such applications choose the way of “free of charge”;

             2.            releasing your application to other online stores or channels other than XXXX’s application online stores, XXXX’s sub online stores, or other XXXX’srelevant store; and

             3.            authorizing or engaging others to revise your application.

C.       You shall make warranties to XXXX that you have the legal capacity in civil laws to make judicial acts, and shall have full legal capacity to enter into this authorization as contained herein in this letter with XXXX.

D.       You shall represent and warrantto XXXX that all and any part of any content of the applications shall not infringe any applicable common laws or statutory rights of any third party, including but not limited to contractual rights, patents, copyrights, trade secret, right of publicity, or other intellectual property rights. You will indemnify XXXX from any action brought against XXXX to the extent that it is based on a claim that your applications, or the use of your applications pursuant to this letter, infringe any common law or statutory rights of any third party.

E.        You agree that XXXX may collect, record, utilize and internationally transmit your personal information for the purposes below:

             1.            To identify your identity;

             2.            To provide you service or applications to end customers;

             3.            To manage XXXX’s membership; and

             4.            Other purposes which are consist with XXXX’s registered business types and XXXX’s needs of business.

F.        You agree with XXXX’spublished rules relevant to managing of the applications and its relevant amendments thereafter, and will be checking the announcement of amendment from time to time.

G.       Please provide the relevant information of your application as below:


 Application Name





H.       Please provide your information:

Incorporated Developer:

Company Name
Registered Number
Registered Address
Contact Address (if different than registeredaddress)
Phone Number
Main Email Address
Backup Email Address


I.           Please fax or scan the copy of your ID card or Certificate of Incorporation to: 


J.          If you agree with the provisions and contents listed hereunder in this letter, please fill in the form contained in this this letter and reply “I agree to license xxxx my application” or equivalent sentences which would be the basis of the license to us. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know in the replying email to us.

We hope xxxx can enjoy this great opportunity to cooperate with you and achieve a win-win situation! 

best regards,





 DroidXplorer big in China?

According to an email DroidXplorer will be preinstalled on devices, and be featured on a set of app stores. For free.

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