Thumbs Up Immerse VR Headset

This Immerse headset from ThumbsUp offers both positive and negative sides.

I've had this little gadget for a about three months, and three months is what it took me to figure out how to get proper focus with the damned thing!

Once I had the focus thingy figured out though, I actually, for the first time experienced VR induced motion sicknes. yaay.

In difference with the original google cardboard VR viewer this gadget offers a more solid experience and even blocks out light distracting you from the actual experience. It also has two plastic pieces that can be removed so your handsfree can be connected while using it. The headset's lenses focus can be adjusted by rotating them, much like you do with ordinary binoculars. The lenses can even be adjusted to suit the difference most people have between their eyes.

The only two things annoying with this headset are:

  • Focus! Even by rotating I couldn't find focus.
  • Tapping! Most VR Cardboard apps requires you to be able to tap on the screen making it almost ridiculous when you have to remove the headset, tap the screen, and put the headset on again.

Both of these problems can be solved though, and once you've done that the experience can actually finally be described as being immersive. Before that, not so much unfortunately!

ThumbsUp Immersive headset Focus

This one was what was the hardest to figure out and took me several hours of googling.

It turns out, the proper settings for the viewer can be configured by just opening up the official Cardboard app and scan a QR Code. Just choose "Change viewer" in the settings menu, and scan one of the QR codes in the linked page here: The one I found most satisfying for my headset was the one titled "Defairy", but another one could probably be an equal fit.

Update I've created my own QR code that suits the viewer almost perfectly:
Thumbs Up Immerse Viewer Profile QR Code

ThumbsUp Immersive headset Screen Tapping or Lever

This one requires some hacking and two household magnets. A tap on the screen can be emulated by separating and pressing together two ordinary household magnets to each other. You just need to figure out where, in relation to the screen, the magnets needs to be positioned. Once you figured that out, just duct tape one of the magnets inside the headset near the sensitive area. Then you just need to tap on the outside with the other magnet to trigger the tap.


Apart from the two issues mentioned above, I really enjoy playing around in alternate realities. Stay tuned for a list of the best apps and 360 videos to use with your VR headset!

 Thumbs Up Immerse VR Headset

This Immerse headset from ThumbsUp offers both positive and negative sides.

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 Thumbs Up Immerse VR Headset

This Immerse headset from ThumbsUp offers both positive and negative sides.

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