Related Stories section for Geeklog

In my view a related stories section is the only lacking feature of Geeklog, how hard is it to implement?
- Well let's find out

Lots of bugs fixed in the getStoryRelations method (2011-03-16)

 Facebook Like-button for Geeklog

The reason for this is simply put: exposure. Your site link will be exposed to everyone who is friends with a person who have "liked" your page. This is a free, simple and fast way of marketing your site. This guide will focus on how to implement the button in GeekLog with the professional theme applied.

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 Facebook PHP SDK login problem

Have you integrated a facebook login to your site, or are you planning to? There\'s a small bug involving the sign in process that can make your life miserable unless you know how to get around it. Here\'s one possible solution.

 Thumbs Up Immerse VR Headset

This Immerse headset from ThumbsUp offers both positive and negative sides.

 Know your limits: Web Design

You might have the best app ever created, or you might have the user friendliest web page in the world. You might even have the most useful piece of shareware ever made and still not making any money.

 DroidXplorer big in China?

According to an email DroidXplorer will be preinstalled on devices, and be featured on a set of app stores. For free.

 Would this interest you?

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