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 Nasa to launch Anti Matter Detector in April

The space shuttle Endeavour is scheduled for its last mission, and itís cargo will hold an entirely new piece of measuring instrument called Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS). One of the more exciting aspects of the AMS is that its purpose is not to search for things we already know about, but to locate and analyze phenomena which we have not yet imagined or discovered.

 Facebook Like button shows blank, solution

The \"EnkelAdress on Facebook\" button displayed just fine for a couple of days and then suddenly it showed up blank, no matter how many times trying to copy the code provided by Facebook. After quite some time digging deep in the information jungle we found the solution.

 Unpacking the Robonaut

I suspect the astronauts at IIS are like children at Christmas morning while opening the crate with the ultimate tech-toy, Robonaut. Though I'm a bit sceptical of the actual usefulness of the robot, I'm sure it will make a fine time waster for the astronauts.

 Geminoids the almost-human robots

A geminoid robot is a robot that is made specifically to mimic the appearance of a human being, the goal of course is to make a robot that is so similar to a real person that you couldn't tell them apart.

There are a few impressing geminoids out there, the latest being the Geminoid DK, in fact if you were to look at a still picture of him you probably wouldn't see it was just a machine in a human costume. That is, if it wasn't a close up.

So far though, all doubts wether they are real persons or not are dismissed as soon as they start to move.

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