A little about me, and what this page will be about from now on.

My name is Andreas and I have more than 16 years of experience being a professional developer for Windows, Mobile platforms and the Web using more technologies than I really care to count at this time. 

During my spare time I have always spent time on my own projects, learning new things as they come. Though until recently my monetizing efforts for my hobby-projects has been running half speed. 

Being a dad certainly gives a lot of motivation for trying to bring more money to spend on the kids. And to be honest our financial situation has not always been the best as I have been the only provider in this family.

Some months ago though, I decided to try to make some more money from my personal projects. I will share all progress on this page, and on the way I can hopefully provide you with some hints and tips on what to do, and what not to do.

So, is it really possible to start from zero? Without any initial resources to talk about? In the posts that will follow I will share my experiences.

Enjoy your stay.

 Know your limits: Web Design

You might have the best app ever created, or you might have the user friendliest web page in the world. You might even have the most useful piece of shareware ever made and still not making any money.

 DroidXplorer big in China?

According to an email DroidXplorer will be preinstalled on devices, and be featured on a set of app stores. For free.

 QuickTip: PayPal IPN - Complex Pass Through Data

Send complex data in the custom field that you use to match a payment with a customer, order or whatever you need.

 PayPal IPN - Take control over your incoming payments!

I'm sure you've heard all about the simplicity of using a payment processor service to sell your items online, but don't miss out on the ones who prefer using Paypal.

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 Internet Explorer 9, JScript Error c00c023f

Ajax and Error c00c023f

After updating to Internet Explorer 9, a previously working ajax driven site of mine stopped working sporadically.

In this short article you will see how to reproduce, and how to solve the problem.

 Has NSA released the smoking gun regarding UFO's?

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers and web pages lately, claiming that the NSA has released a document containing hard proof that radio signals of extraterrestrial origin has been received. The document in question actually DOES state that signals has been observed, and it also contains a visual description of the signal in question.

 InstallerExplorer shows hidden installed products

InstallerExplorer is a small lightning fast utility that allows you to list, view detailed information and uninstall software installed on your machine without your knowledge. Some products mark themselves as “System Components” to hide from windows internal list in add/remove programs. This application also allows you to see where in the registry the product was found, and where the product is installed. Many users are not aware that windows installer packages at the moment of installation are cached in a windows folder using a rather cryptic filename, this utility takes care of those also.

 Nasa plans landing on asteroid in 2025

By the year 2025 Nasa plans to land astronauts on an asteroid, anyone thinking of the movie Armageddon yet?

 Would this interest you?

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